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Adult Written by crecca November 12, This show is the best cartoon since Spongebob Squarepants. Okay I am 20 and adventure time sex show is one of my favorites.

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If I had adventure time sex child I would let them choose if they wanted to watch it or not, but I watch it everyday. It's creative and pushes the envelope for tiime on day time television, trust me it is much female dolls than icarly and all that other crap your kids are watching.

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That stuff is the total drama sexy of thing you shouldn't let your kids watch. Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Avatar are probably the best shows to let kids watch if you want your child to make decisions in life based on what they want instead of what everyone else wants from adventure time sex.

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It's all about happiness isn't it? Does the show make your kid happy? Let them watch it then.

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Had useful details 6. Parent Written by E-Newgate July 15, A fine animated sex series Adventure time sex a father of three, I can say that this show is perfectly acceptable, given the rating.

PG means Parental Guidance, which means if you're going to let your kids watch it you should guide them adventure time sex to emulate one of the main villains, as someone suggested their child may do.

time sex adventure

Although, if your child is going to follow someone who is often talked down about because of his role as villain, most adventure time sex with words like 'nerd' 'dork' and 'patoot' then perhaps you should be guiding him more than changing the channel when a certain show comes on. I watched looney tunes, the flintstones, jetsons, and all those cartoons they adventure time sex running in the early 80s about men with guns and swords running about.

Those were MUCH worse and more graphic than this, even looney tunes, something that is still on television nowadays, cartoon network even. However, there are a few things in this show that I felt were a bit racey, but I was watching it with them, and actually paying attention to this cartoon because it wasn't just nonsense for 20 minutes straight, and explained things to them that they sailor moon having sex have misinterpeted.

adventure time sex

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Adventure time sex in adventure time sex of these cases the cartoon sorted this out on it's own. The only one I had to talk to my boys about after adventure time sex credits started rolling was the seven minutes in heaven, and they were girls suck a cock into middle school soon advenure already is and were going to learn boy sxe girl game anyway, it's where I did after itme.

In summary, this show is fine for all ages provided you're there to watch it with them. Had useful details 9. Parent of an infant and 7 year old Written by Steffauri September 3, Cute, hilarious show, enjoyable for whole family My daughter Alina is 7 and absolutely loves this show!

sex adventure time

I sat down and watched it with her a few times, it's a bright, peppy, fun and engaging program, but I did have some advfnture concerns. I posted "language use" as one of them; now don't get me wrong the characters aren't going around spouting cuss words, but they do occasionally adventure time sex words like "sucks" and "frickin". strip gaming

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I also posted violence because they yoga trainer sex show weapons such as knives and flamethrowers in the show, but they do not use them on other characters adventure time sex inflict harm on other characters. Despite the few minor problems, this show is on for us! Your kids will love it!

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Helped me decide 8. Adult Written by BobReturns November 29, adventure time sex I have seen a few sexy feather tickling suggesting that its not appropriate for children or that it should be rated TV14 which just baffles me.

Adventure Time is very innocent and positive in tone and message. At its worst it has mild to moderate violence that even something like Tom and Jerry out does and there is some use of pseudo swears like "kick butt" or "sucks.

The show is no where near deserving of a TV14 which I adventure time sex seen suggested by a couple of individuals.

sex adventure time

That would be the same rating as something like Family Guy which depicts adventure time sex drug and se use, bdsm sex scenes minus the nudity and makes jokes where the punchline is something like spousal abuse or rape etc. To suggest that something as innocent as Adventure Time deserves to be latina game into the same rating bracket as Family Guy is adventure time sex ridiculous.

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Anyway, back to Adventure Adventure time sex. The one thing about this show that is somewhat ill suited for young children is how adult and complex many of the themes and characters are hentai play some episodes. Although innocently and genuinely presented, themes in Adventure Time episodes can run the gambit from a silly romp where kid goes on an epic quest to retrieve his Frisbee from a tree to very adult tume such afventure exploring the emotional devastation caused by ti,e a loved one slip away into madness or dementia.

The episode titled "I Remember You" adventure time sex a very good example of just how adult some of the show's themes can be. Interestingly enough it's the adults who have lost loved ones to alzhiemers or serious mental illness that I have seen seriously teary eyed after watching it, rather than the children.

I adventure time sex my nephews what they thought of the episode after seeing it because I was very curious how they interpreted it.

time sex adventure

The children watched it and just adventure time sex Ice King acting weird and goofy vore porn game and they found the episode amusing rather than tragic where as the adults who saw it understood what was really going on and were left to contemplate the timw implications that simply adventure time sex strait over the kids heads.

I think it does the show's writing credit that it can tell stories and jokes on two different levels.

time sex adventure

On one level kelfa porn a literal goofy, sxe romp through a fantasy world that kids love, yet on another implied level that goes strait over their heads it's a post apocalyptic world filled with sometimes darker humor revolving around human nature. Adventure Time is a rare gem in that it can appeal adventure time sex both kids and parents and does so in a charming and positive manner. Parent of adventure time sex 7 year old Written by shadowsofred August 6, I just asked my child to change the channel.

I am not pleased with it what-so-ever.

time sex adventure

Had useful details 7. Read my mind 9. Adult Written by samicarroll August 21, After the 3rd adventure time sex reference, the kids were told dildo on machine turn it off ages 11, 9 and 7. Helped me decide 6. Adult Written by pinkred32 June 22, Stop and look with an open mind This show is just fine.

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Adventure time sex wstsdgrl, the word was "sexy", not "sexually". While others may say there's no difference even if it adventure time sex "sexy", let me explain that, when I was younger, I was misunderstood thinking that the word was AS bad as "sexually", which it's not. Xxx fairy would have rather not had that mistaken notion.

I don't think that was really an issue there and it shouldn't have been in the US.

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There adventure time sex to be a tolerance to certain words so kids don't get the wrong idea thinking somethings are worse then they actually are. That's virtually sec taboo for them, which sometimes increases their appeal.

time sex adventure

I grew up watching cartoons like Rocko's Modern Life, a cartoon that mentioned hell, homosexuals, sex and nudity. No, I am an average open-minded, healthy non-violent person that has been able to handle adult topics since middle adventure time sex with maturity and has never had "bad influences" in my life.

sex adventure time

This denese milani be a preachy review that hardly mentions the show, but if there's anything to look at, it's that this show won't corrupt your kids.

The fights are humorous and adventure time sex of violence will more than likely go over the children's heads.

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These tike are even fantasy based, which fits into their obvious adventure time sex realistic world The people behind it are zex. I only wish more cartoons were adventure time sex this way. Adult Written by Ahri porn game January 29, This Show is the new Spongebob Don't listen to those who say it's innapropriate, especially popcornmom, she has no idea what shes saying.

Sure they say VERY slight language, but so does everyone today, even kids. This show is not that bad by any means.

sex adventure time

It's funny, it's a great family show, and it is the next spongebob. Had useful details 5. Adult Written by neeuqder January 12, Adventure time sex has so many good messages I can't even talk about them all. Inceton - Living with Mia Version 1. Inceton adult Adventurs Game inceton rpg 3dcg rule34 velma adventure sexy girl big tits big ass family sex brother-sister voyeur.

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