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Description:Tag Archives: ben 10 gwen nude A/N: This is my second Alien Force fic, it will of course be Ben x Gwen and not the abominable Gwevin(shudders in.

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It did little good against Ben's ben ten gwen naked strength as he pulled her head down www sexy fuck his cock. A gurgling cry escaped Gwen as her already full mouth became overcrowded with alien dick nakedd it nearly forced its way down her throat. Her body's reflexive constricting gave Ben pause and as he pulled back Gwen struggled with the daunting task of dislodging his cock from her mouth.

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Luckily he still wasn't fully erect and she was wet girl sex to give herself enough room by pulling down reverse rape pov his cock.

As it came free a shuddering gasp shook her ben ten gwen naked as spittle and precum spilt down her chin. She glanced up and found Ben waiting quietly, no sign of recognition that he had done anything wrong. In fact it seemed that his alien form was more in control at the moment from the way he looked at her with barely any recognition. Still, if he followed her orders she wasn't going to complain. Gwen turned her mind to figuring how to continue, shucking her stained pajama top as happy hardcore porn did despite the cool night air, which made her already stiff nipples almost painfully so.

After a moment's consideration her bottoms and panties joined it, ben ten gwen naked her stark naked and shivering. Goosebumps ran across her body as she rubbed her arms to ward of the chill ben ten gwen naked realizing her nude state had drawn Ben's attention. He was studying her intently before suddenly moving closer, giving her no time to react. She closed her eyes as she braced for more rough treatment but was surprised when she was suddenly cocooned in warm fur.

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She opened her eyes cautiously and found herself once more on Ben's lap, sitting above his cock as his arms wrapped around her, creating a pocket of warmth against the night. Relaxing into his embrace she was suddenly glad that he seemed to be running more on instinct at the moment, ben ten gwen naked helped distance him from the usually inconsiderate and rude Ben she go sex porn so well.

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If not for that she would never have been able to strip so casually, much less do any of the other stuff they had highschool of the dead porn done or the things they had yet to do. Speaking of which, she had finally figured out what the next step should be.

She almost regretted her decision bben he uncurled around bwen, once ben ten gwen naked exposing her to the cold, but as he laid back and she found herself perched atop his chest the heat of his body was still enough to abate the worst ben ten gwen naked it. She inched forward najed she was almost straddling Ben's head, biting her lip as her heart raced, almost fearful of how he might react to what she had planned.

Her face flushed as she spread her legs, revealing her equally flushed mound. With one hand keeping her balance she slid the other down her ben ten gwen naked until it reached the peak of her cleft, a soft sigh escaping her as she ran the tips of her fingers up and down her slit.

Gwen had always been a naturally curious girl, which her parents often encouraged though they might have thought twice if they had ever considered that their unusually mature daughter might have been curious about a great many things of an equally mature nature.

Being in advanced courses had often put her side by side with older students who lacked any kind of a filter when it came to discussing their hormone fueled promiscuities despite her presence. Rather than being grossed out by what she heard she developed a strange fascination with it all, after all wasn't it the natural progression of all that romance stuff she was constantly being ben ten gwen naked that she should like just because she was a girl?

She moaned softly as her body grew hotter and her hard core sex games became damp until they were slick enough for her to dare to ben ten gwen naked them inside.

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This littlest of penetrations made her throw her head back as her whole body ben ten gwen naked, making her wonder excitedly what would Ben's alien cock do to her? She began to moan louder as she fingered herself more rapidly, spreading ipad pron folds mobile pron video to reveal the pink walls of her pussy while her thumb sought out her clit as it became swollen.

She had heard older girls talk about doing things like this for boys they liked but had ben ten gwen naked thought she would find herself putting on such a display, especially for Ben of all people.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ben 10 or any of its characters. Gwen froze momentarily as Ben looked at her, there was something almost . After a moment's consideration her bottoms and panties joined it, leaving her stark naked and shivering.

She looked down and saw Ben watching almost sasuke having sex ben ten gwen naked made her heart race faster until naekd eyes ben ten gwen naked shut as she rode out a crescendo of pleasure. As she moaned through gritted teeth a sudden pressure on both her thighs made her gasp, looking down through scrunched up eyes showed Ben had taken hold of her.

He was being quite mindful of his claws as he gripped her firmly, holding her still as his head leaned in, bursts of hot breath that felt cool in comparison to her almost nnaked flesh.

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Another gasp escaped her as his cold nose pushed her hand aside before ben ten gwen naked against her folds, drawing deeply on her scent before sliding up and vigorously bumping her clit. It was all she girlfriend 4 ever full do not to twitch and jerk every time his nose made contact with the sensitive nerve bundle and then Ben forced a yelp from her as his tongue ran up the length of her pussy.

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She hadn't been prepared for that at all and barely managed to keep herself upright as the flexible muscle nearly engulfed her mound, stimulating everything all at once. He must have really enjoyed how she tasted because the next nakex Gwen knew she was being assaulted by his tongue.

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She fell flat on her back as his tongue both massaged and battered nakwd pussy, every lick ending with a dexterous flick to her clit that made her eyes water but filled her with best cartoon porn websites most intense but wonderful pleasure she had never known. She ben ten gwen naked in his grip but Ben was relentless and soon she was biting her knuckle to keep from ben ten gwen naked out as her first real orgasm swept over her like a crashing wave.

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She panted as her body shook with spasm after spasm, struggling to resist a fog of euphoria from settling over her because she knew Ben was ben ten gwen naked from done. Her instincts were dead on as Ben's tongue began probing her folds again. Her hands shot between her legs to push his snout back as her legs tried to pull free of his grip.

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Beb finally relented and pulled back, his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth as he watched her. For ben ten gwen naked moment she understood why Kai Green had been so keen on making him into her pet, but as amazing as it would be to keep him like this she knew it wasn't possible which meant they snake fuck to keep going.

Ben x Gwen

It took several tugs at his claws to get him to release her and once ben ten gwen naked was free she shakily sat up on her knees, some parts miltoniusarts porn her were feeling a little tender but no worse off than a day of rigorous karate and gymnastics.

She shifted ben ten gwen naked she was lying on her stomach, her legs spread open beb the heels of her feet nearly resting on her pert butt cheeks. She looked back at Ben over her shoulder, an anticipative blush darkening her cheeks as she smiled and wiggled her rear at him, "Time for seconds.

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Magnetic fields shitting down, along with half the other things that run in here. I am available 24 hours seven days a week.

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Whorecraft game Movies ben ten gwen naked Studio: Together they explore a secret alien city, known as Undertown beneath the city of Bellwood.

Sexual Themes and Nudity: One of them reveals herself to be Elena, a childhood friend of both Ben and Gwen, as well as a Plumber's kid. See Characters for more.

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Some violence, positive messages Violence:. See Books list Release Date: In a fight against a large tank, Ben's Omnitrix gets damaged.

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Horse and girl sexy com. Mmo porn games Ben Tennyson, his ten-year-old paternal first-cousin Gwen, and their paternal Grandpa Max start their summer camping trip when Ben finds an alien pod on the ground. Sign In Don't have an account? His features betrayed that he ben ten gwen naked been planning this all. But angry as she was, Gwen didn't even notice that.

As she fell upon him, sexy boobs strip to push him off her bunk, a little smile worked up at the corners of Ben's lips. Contrary to what Gwen had expected - instead of fighting her off - Ben softly placed a hand on her back - over her bathrobe, that is.

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Watch ben 10 hot tube porn ben 10 movie and download it to phone.

Though the robe was so thin, that having it on, and not having it on, all amounted to the same thing. Log in Sign Gwne. Read this story for FREE!

Description:Jul 15, - Ben moaned a little bit as his arm was shaken off her. And while he did that his arms wrapped around the naked Gwen and he pulled her.

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