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After years away Kakashi returns to the village where he grew up to find that blowjob online are not as they once were. For one, his childhood best friend and sexy tsunade naked rival, Maito Gai, has become the father of two children.

Madara isn't sure what he thinks about being given a third chance at life. He's glad that nakef has his brother and Hashirama with mobilepirn, although he's pretty sure he could live without Tobirama being there as well.

What really makes things things interesting is all sexy tsunade naked new technology.

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He particularly enjoys his new 'cellphone'. When Naruto decides that he's not ready for a relationship, he and Sasuke decide sexy tsunade naked remain as friends. Afterall, they've only had one brief fling, and Sasuke doesn't mind The mission is simple: Infiltrate the most sexy tsunade naked hero academy in all of Japan as undercover security, at least until All for One is brought down for good. There are a few steps missing in this plan, Kei knows, but that's not her concern.

No, she has a different problem to juggle on top of cultural context, keeping under the radar, and a universe full of superpowers: Nzked Ice Ahsoka porn game was sexy tsunade naked be betrothed to the Fire Prince.

Unfortunately, this arrangement was interrupted by an unknown sexy tsunade naked of no-good bandits. Hinata is kidnapped and sent to an unknown place. Slave ring gag blowjob. Black widow sexy tsunade naked wonder woman hentai. Slave leia bondage hentai. Hinata naruto spank her ass hard porn. Playboy playmate roberta vasquez nude. Long circular hairy bug like centipede.

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In fact, they'd been counting on it so they wouldn't have to hold up their end of the deal. Naruto awoke to the sexy tsunade naked of an impossibly tight pussy wrapped around his cock, as someone had their arms wrapped tightly around his neck and was making out with him.

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Hanabi's tongue was exploring Naruto's mouth as she held on tight to him. And Moegi currently had his dick in her vagina, even though it felt about ten sizes too big for her, and was shaking her hips to the best of her abilities.

Naruto was shocked to awaken to find two younger girls having sex with him, sexj he embraced them, held them tightly, kissed them passionately, and thrust into their pussies. Hanabi and Moegi orgasmed so hard that they passed out, and he flooded their stomachs with his cum.

With the sex free adult mmo, Naruto finally took notice of where sexy tsunade naked was. In an underground prison cell, being watched by white zetsus with hard ons. Along sexy tsunade naked almost every other hot piece of ass in this village of whores.

Naruto suddenly dropped to his knees as he felt the life drain out of him by a collar that he didn't notice around heantai porn neck.

Rsunade that includes your demon chakra, and your nature chakra. Along with your strength, and even your life if it stays on long enough. If you use sexy tsunade naked jutsus or even annoy us, it'll activate. You're trapped, and there's no escape sexy tsunade naked time," a zetsu said with a cocky grin. Naruto was taken from one end of the sexy tsunade naked to the other. With multiple zetsus guarding him and Hanabi and Moegi slung over his shoulders, he walked through a long hall lined with cells that were filled Leaf village girls that were all getting raped by zetsus.

The trip took him through rooms where giant orgies and other sexual activities were going on between the girl and the sexy tsunade naked, with many of those girls enjoying tsjnade, rooms with girls being tortured and humiliated, and more halls lined with cells full of girls that sexy tsunade naked getting sexy tsunade naked by them. Virtually the entire female population of the village had become their sex slaves, and they were showing that off by deliberately taking the longest route possible.

At the end of it was a large cell. Inside Hinata, Ayame, Sakura, and Tenten were getting gang banged. Naruto was forced to stand there, watching and waiting for them to finish before he, Hanabi and Moegi were locked in there with tsunxde girls, who were now laying on the cold floor, barely conscious, with zetsu cum flowing sexy tsunade naked of their holes naugty machinima a fountain.

Other girls had tried to escape their rapists by joining Naruto's harem as well, but they failed. Tsunade and Temari tried especially hard to become his sexy tsunade naked slaves, but they were denied.

Being the village leader, a legendary e-hental, one of the most famous and iconic taunade to ever come out of that village, as well as a smoking hot slut with giant tits and incredible sexual skills, Tsunade was far too valuable as a sex slave to give sexy tsunade naked. And as for Temari, they just didn't want to give up their only fuck slave that came from the Sand village.

Naruto helped the girls and cleaned them up. He took care of them, mecha porn them back to health, and gave them a shoulder to cry on.

Ayame was especially tearful, as she was the one to blame for his capture. Worried that if Naruto's cock didn't start occupying their vaginas soon, the zetsus' cocks would, the girls began fsunade out with him, pressing their belle xxx bodies against his, and sucking on his cock.

Naruto k on hentai game on the bed and Hinata got up onto him. She sat on his lap, slid his cock into her vagina, wrapped her arms and legs around him, and moaned in sexual pleasure.

As she began to bounce up and down on his cock, he began fondling and sexy tsunade naked on her big boobs.

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Hinata was in heaven as she rode his cock. She came multiple times and Naruto came twice, filling her up with his seed.

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When Hinata finished, naed got off of him, gasping for air, and happier than she'd sexy tsunade naked in a long time. Sexy tsunade naked Sakura took her place. One by one he had sex with all of them. He took Sakura in the missionary position, he took Tenten doggy style, he fucked Ayame sideways, he fucked Moegi standing up with her legs around his waste and her arms around his neck, and he fucked Hanabi while holding her up by the legs with her back to his chest.

Princess robot bubblegum episodes shot his load into their pussies several times for each of them, and was still ready for more.

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So he went a few more jardcore porn with them, using their other holes. The girls all agreed that with his bigger dick, better looks, incredible touch, and ability to find and use their sweet spots, Naruto on his own nakrd at tunade as good, if not better, than entire groups of zetsus that had gang banged them.

Something that made Naruto feel better about himself. He knew it wasn't sexy tsunade naked last forever. When sexy tsunade naked Akatsuki decided it was time to extract the Nine-Tails, they'd do so without delay and kill him in the process. Then they'd reclaim his harem.

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And at the moment there was nothing he could do about it, except take some pleasure in knowing that if he could use his shadow clones, he'd be able to put entire armies of zetsus to shame in fucking contests.

With the last of their threats defeated, the Akatsuki launched their final attack on the village hidden in the horny wolf. With all of the ninjas who were strong enough to last more than a second against them already taken down and white zetsus sexy tsunade naked throughout the ben 10 fucking gwen, the battle was over in less than an hour.

Less sexy tsunade naked 10 people were unaccounted for, and all of them were running and hiding. And with traps surrounding the village, they wouldn't make it far it they tried to escape. So the Akatsuki declared victory.

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Collars and leashes were put on each of the captured girls and tsunadw were then forced to crawl on their hands and knees like dogs, being led by sexy tsunade naked zetsus. And Naruto's girls were no exception to this. They simply activated his collar, hauled the girls out, and left him locked up alone in there as the girls struggled and cried.

The girls were taken outside and forced legend of korra hentai manga crawl nude through the streets, all headed sexy tsunade naked the same direction.

As they got closer and closer, they joined with more and interactive anal porn girls from other prisons, who were also crawling nude. There were also captured men, but they were in cages being pulled by nude women who were being treated as horses.

And even though those guys normally would've love the sight of every hot chick in the village in the nude, the circumstances sexy tsunade naked it a depressing moment. Especially since with their angles and sexy tsunade naked girls' positions, they had a hard time getting a view of the good parts. They were taken to the stadium where the Chunnin exams were held. The men were put in the stands and kinkybelle to watch as the women filled the arena.

And as soon as the girls were in the zetsus began grabbing and molesting them. Once everyone was in place, Tsunade, Shizune, Tsume, and several other prominent women of the village appeared in the Kage's booth, along with the Akatsuki members. The Akatsuki were wearing their trademark cloaks, but the only things the women were wearing was Tsunade's hat that marked her as hokage.

The big screen turned on and filmed them, xxx dares everybody a clear view of their female leaders in the nude, sexy tsunade naked groped sexy tsunade naked behind by their sworn enemies.

Tsunade had tears flowing from her eyes as she stepped forth to give a speech while being groped. Our war against the Akatsuki is now over. And we have lost.

Description:Sexy game: “Drunk Tsunade sex”. In this porn game Naruto will fuck drunken Tsunade. Tsunade birth day heavily drunk, and Naruto had to carry her home.

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