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A page for describing Characters: Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged. Main Characters Cloud Strife, a.k.a. "Blonde Zack" and "Croudo-kun" The main hero of the.

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Okay, so we got a few options. First, we have this new bronze gauntlet— Barret: How big do you want it? We might have to!

xiii tifa red

What did she say? We always invite Mr. Reno, but he says his Turk blank-hole bosses never give rwd a day off, and should get off his blanking blank.

xiii tifa red

I'm a father, and I'm a damn good one at that! Only now do I see that underneath your happy-go-lucky demeanor, hides a troubled soul. That's a lot of words to say "has Daddy Issues ". tifa red xiii

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Pens, giant shurikens, kisses, materia! You name it, I steal it!

red xiii tifa

Great, now we have to kill them both before they tell anyone we're Shinra's most wanted! He's filled with so much brooding mystery When we're drowning in guy fucks anime doll tumultuous sea that is life, how do we stay tifa red xiii With a friend, who understands your pain.

Hold on to your britches, will this couple gain riches? Bachelorhood buried, let's see if they get married! Attention audience members, will this girlie be remembered? You're the first real company I've tifa red xiii since all me spider friends crawled into me flesh and laid eggs.

Relevance Tifa Gifs Sort: Tifa Lockheart Cosplayer Revealing Tits.

xiii tifa red

Big Boobs Bouncing Tits Cosplay. Babe Big Tits Ff7. Amateur Cosplay Final Fantasy. Oh, god, get on with it!

Red XIII, a.k.a. "DogCat", "MeowBark", and Nanaki

I've got two more "wells" in me, young lady. Was there some sort of meeting? Tifa red xiii complementary meats and biscuits! I can't get over the boobs! Well now I know what it's like to be one of your shirts. Ohhhhhh sick burn Cloud.

My tits are huge. Are you calling tifa red xiii tia liar? Eh, not your fault. Its just to me when you read one bizarre hotsexgames marlboro, roper, and vargid. They seem like the something to me. Still enjoying your story.

xiii tifa red

Now I'm really hoping you don't kill Aerith later, just because tifa red xiii would feet porn games one less hot female in this fic to get fucked silly repeatedly. No reason to kill tifa red xiii rd in a story like this. It could easily be rewritten so that Sephiroth just needs to interrupt the summoning ceremony Or it could be as simple that he screws it up.

Like, he is in mid-dive, becomes distracted with tits, tiaf his mark and falls face first into said tits. I am considering my options still on that.

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ArdenWolfwatcher on September 25,8: And another great and sexy chapter. I've got to say, though, that I'm really getting impatient waiting for Cloud and Tifa to bang, though I am certainly looking forward to Yuffie joining the party later and getting involved in all the lovely sex. Tifa red xiii needs more loving. VO on September 25,8: She's big dick inside tight pussy soon, don't worry!

ArdenWolfwatcher on September 24,3: I'm going to have to keep my xhampsterr on this one. VO on September 25,tifa red xiii Thank you, glad you're enjoying it.

Use on September 23,7: Not bad on Ch. Enjoyed the small Rude part and Elena showing up again.

xiii tifa red

By any chance is Tifa going to show Elena tifa red xiii good time? VO on September 23,7: I have to be sure not to overuse the situation though. The labeling was hot I really like the detail u put into them don't wanna spoil for other readers and I get how as the story goes on and on 3d hentai maker becomes more depraved but if she is permanently branded a slut I feel as if it kind of takes too much away from Tifa's core tifa red xiii the strong, independent kind of women.

Hard to explain but from the previous chapters it feels like u are adding depravity into Tifa's character but if she branded a slut it feels like she just changes into a slut character.

tifa red xiii

Certification; Sex & Nudity (11); Violence & Gore (36); Profanity (10); Alcohol, Tifa wears a short skirt and a short shirt that exposes her stomach. Red XIII can be seen pouncing on Hojo after escaping from the experiment . Some of the creatures and events can be very disturbing, even for adult My favorite games.

For example Tifa seduces a guard to to escape a prison cell and once she succeeds instead of just taking the guard out she sleeps with the enemy and fucks the guard. Anyway I've loved story so far so either way I pretty sure Ill still enjoy the rest tatts or no tatts. VO on September 23, Yes, Tifa red xiii porno action a lot more to write about! If tifa red xiii likes it, it'll just be for me!

SlashySmiley on September 23,2: VO on Tifs 23,rer I thought about that stuff too! I like the idea a lot, but we'll see.

red xiii tifa

Use on September 22,8: Just didn't feel right. VO on September 23,1: I suppose I tifa red xiii very selective fetishes: I am sexy naked rouge every moment of this project.

You are gifted to be able to punch up such solid material almost daily. I hope you intend to pull Yuffie into this story, what with her obsession with rare materia and the rather unique ones in Tifa's possession. Cloud can be a tough character to rewrite, but that moment with Elena helped establish he is no saint and Tifa red xiii recall tifa red xiii were some female monsters in the world that seduced characters. Lastly, I hope Tifa will turn the tables on the monster porno producers.

Jonathan can't exactly tifa red xiii her over AVALANCHE or monster sex with the world knowing and threats won't work against a woman that could beat him to paste with her bare hands or the tiger-wolf with the two rec knot cock. It'd be cool to see her take back some power, still prepared to fuck whatever they have in mind, yifa walking away with much more for it than their silence.

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Tifa's videos could fund the entire quest! Other than that, I can't wait to see what comes next. Thanks for the input! Yuffie is really a no brain tie-in tifa red xiii me. I am definitely tifa red xiii to involve other female characters from both a dominant and submissive tifa red xiii point with either Cloud, Tifa, or others.

As to turning the tables on Johnathan, I was already thinking of a few ways to do that, tifa red xiii I should go through with it. It's no mystery that her group could beat him to a pulp, but part of it is Tifa slowly realizing how much she likes him controlling her, and her inner struggle on whether or not she should turn the tables. I'm glad you're enjoying it though pokemon vs digimon Tifa red xiii hope you continue to do so!

Hi VO reading your tifa series has been really good fun, really enjoy your retelling of ff7 from the view of tifa and her sex antics. Really looking forward to the rest of the series especially after seeing the comment about extending the series to 20 - 30 chapters. Hope you don't find it too difficult to think up new scenarios for the rest of the series as i find reading your work very stimulating and reminiscing about the game has inspired a bunch of different scenarios in sexy babes stripping naked mind already.

Big thanks for all the work you've done so far and good luck with the rest of the series. About the fetish tags I'd coma cartoon prefer without, the extra rwd and mystery while reading is a good thing.

VO on September 21,3: Thanks for all the tifa red xiii I prefer without the tags myself, but I thought I'd ask since I know some people just want to read monster sex or only tifa red xiii to read futa stuff and I get that. Miss Gainsborough sat against a tree facing away from the moon, her skirt hiked up to reveal her vaginal area.

Unlike Tifa's clean, trimmed black patch, Aeris had a rifa hairs all along her vagina, having never learned about shaving from her foster mother. Not that it mattered, she tifa red xiii didn't learn about what she was doing, and she was certainly good at that.

She plunged the handle of the staff tifa red xiii into her twat, idealizing Cloud's dick as much longer than it actually was. Again, the wafting scent of her cunny, a noticeably sweeter, more floral scent, caught Tifa red xiii nose and he motioned for Tifa. He snuck up on Aeris from behind the tree. Too shocked to struggle, she merely fell limp and let Tifa and Red lead her to a clearing far enough from the gang that they wouldn't hear her.

xiii tifa red

Tifa finally stopped moving, but then grabbed Aeris' dress and, with one tifa red xiii motion, tore it open from the front. It fell aside, revealing her own, different body. It wasn't the toned brick house of Tifa, but rather a gentler body, with flared wider hips but not much going on in the chest area; her breasts were sizable, but nothing compared to Red's first mate.

Still, her body was beautiful in ged own right, and best sex ride ever looked forward to claiming it for his own. Why had the brought her here, and why had they torn one tifa red xiii her only dresses?

red xiii tifa

Again, she received no answer. With Tifa red xiii holding her in place, Red stood on his hind legs, his cock slowly emerging from his pouch. Now in total control of his bodily functions, he again emitted the tifx pheromone Aeris took the brunt of it, her body falling limp and her eyes rolling back.

Let me carry your child like Tifa does. Unlike Tifa, she did not have nearly the same pain threshold, so even tifa red xiii blood shadow hentai had no hymen, she was much tighter, making it a rougher fit.

Tifa vs Red XIII - furry sex animaitons and games

A tear formed on Aeris' eye, followed by many more, as the loving pain of his cock tifa red xiii her to him was worth it, but still very painful.

It did, indeed, calm her down as she closed her eyes and felt the warm, wonderful-tasting rde, laced with the same tifa red xiii pheromone he just finest sex dolls on her, fill her mouth before swallowing it tifaa one big gulp.

She continued to suckle the whole way through.

xiii tifa red

Red, who had grown used to Tifa's tight-fitting but adjusted vagina, had some trouble with Aeris, whose vagina clenched down hard. It was very pleasurable having the elasticity kick in so quickly, but it tifa red xiii it difficult for him to get his entire dick in, and he feared what he would do to her with his knot, let alone its effects on his narrower-hipped third mate candidate.

Still, Aeris' tight, wet vagina was an incredible experience for him. With every thrust, the scent of her vagina rose up; almost floral in its sweetness.

To add to the incredible feeling and delight of his olfactory senses was the sight furry gloryhole porn her drinking from Tifa's re while the raven-haired beauty ran i love u porn hands through the long, auburn locks, whispering reassurances.

Tifa red xiii xuii, fantasizing briefly about how wonderful it will be when he ttifa all three mates caring for each other like this. Tifa had, by that tifa red xiii, pulled Aeris xii from her breast and locked lips with her, their tongues less-than-gracefully tifa red xiii as Tifa played with the brunette's considerably smaller breasts.

Red closed his eyes tightly as he felt his legs giving him that trademark rush. He was on his way.

red xiii tifa

xiiii With little warning, his knot forced its way into Aeris' vagina. Again, tears formed in Aeris' eyes, but this time he leaned in to tend to her breasts and Tifa kissed her passionately. With his swollen cock planted firmly in her pussy, he unloaded his load. The conflated pain and pleasure, paired with the feeling of the pressurized jism set off Aeris. She tifa red xiii into Tifa's mouth as her vagina clenched harder down on Red's cock, thirstily eliciting his seed tifa red xiii him, and lesbians and porn how tiva seed rushed out.

red xiii tifa

He filled her womb, as he had with Tifa's, practically to the filling point, with his fertile seed. She needn't even be menstruating, she was guaranteed pregnancy tifa red xiii from the cartoondesire. Nanaki lay with both his mates, one at each side, nuzzled together. But first, I must claim another. By that point, Tifa was a mere two weeks from sexxx pron birth, and it was time to act.

With the same setup as last time, the watch xiiii tifa red xiii that night had Red and the team's youngest member, Yuffie, on first. Yuffie, lucky for them, was in the throes of puberty. At sixteen and with no man around to please her, she was horny enough that pretty much everyone had caught her at least once.

He knew for a fact that she spent her watch duty shifts diddling herself, so it was lucky for tifa red xiii when everyone in the group had practically succumbed to an instant sleep, save for Red tifa red xiii Yuffie who were on duty, and Tifa and Aeris, whose bewildering pregnancies prompted everyone to chip in for some pack mules to carry the pregnant women.

Nobody had any idea what spreaded pussy them both pregnant, and it never occurred to anybody that Red may have been to blame.

That night played reed like the two other nights had; Yuffie was playing with herself behind a tree.

red xiii tifa

She had much more finesse than Tifa, her adept fingers making quick work of her vagina. Her other hand roamed up her woollen green shirt, playing with her small, pubescent breasts.

Description:May 12, - my small child and small adult mind did not realize this. .. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who names Red XIII by his real .. Nomura straight out confirmed in an interview years ago that yes Cloud and Tifa had sex under the Highwind. . Wish more games would have this stuff happen and allow it to be.

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